Rants & Raves

This page is where I let rip at the world in my own inimitable way.


There used to be a section on here where I railed at Kawasaki for not introducing a new GTR. Well, they have and I have one and I love it.
So, THANK YOU Kawasaki. Itís not perfect (what is) but itís a hoot to ride and damned fast to boot.

The State as Nanny

Why oh why do our Governments insist on interfering with our private lives. That is NOT the purpose of Government. they are NOT there to Rule us, rather to provide in case of need, and assist in those things that we as individuals cannot achieve alone. This is what we pay taxes for, not to provide an outlet for the Megalomaniacal attitudes of most elected politicians. I for one can do without the restrictions on my personal freedom to do as I will, provided that I do not infringe on anyone else's freedoms without their consent. I am quite capable of making these judgements myself. I am not an idiot so please stop treating me like one!

I should be able to ride at 140Mph on an empty road in the middle of nowhere without being arrested for speeding, I should be able to publicly speak my mind without being branded a "troublemaker" and put under surveillance, I should be able to sunbathe in the nude without being arrested for public "indecency" (well, ok, maybe MY body is indecent, but you get the point), and the list goes on and on. None of these has happened to me but they could.

I am not a 2nd or 3rd class citizen, I am simply a citizen. I am not a "Patriot" though I do love England. I would fight & die to defend the things I care about, but would never consent to fight for some politiciansí ideals, beliefs, or need to get re-elected.

Politicians are our servants, not our rulers. We pay their wages, we create the wealth, we elect them.

Next time you vote in an election think about voting for someone who has a wish to serve you and your community, NOT rule you.
Forget about "Political Parties" and vote with your conscience, not your wallet.


When are people ever going to learn to judge others on who they are and what they do, not which particular "Pigeon-hole" they supposedly fit into.
We are all individuals and each and every one of us is unique.
We are NOT Black/ White/ Brown/ Yellow/ Christian/ Muslim/ Hindu/ Buddhist/ Fat/ Skinny/ Tall/ Short/ Male/ Female/ Old/ Young/ Handicapped/ Capitalist/ Socialist/ Communist/ Anarchist.....etc.

We are and demand to be treated as Human Beings, members of the species Homo Sapiens, regardless of our physical structure, colour, and capabilities, regardless of our beliefs, attitudes, or opinions.

If you don't like me as an individual, then that's fine, but you must respect my right to be who I am or you will eventually restrict your own right to be who you are.

Learn to accept the differences in others. It will enrich your own life more than you can possibly imagine.