My Current GTR's

I currently have 3 and two halves GTR's.
Here they are in all their Glory with some pics of my first GTR1000, Sanji and of Ethel who has now been sold.
The two halves are known as "SparePartsBin1" and "SparePartsBin2" for obvious reasons and were both 1987 GTR's.

Vivian is my BRAND NEW 1400GTR. I finally decided it was time to upgrade into the 21st Century and I am greatly enjoying her. She has WAY more power than my GTR1000's and handles like a dream. The motor is smooth and torquey, power delivery is breath-taking, brakes are superb and the comfort is pretty good too. Only bugbears for me are the tiny screen (+6" one on the way) and the need for a hugger. I am speaking to Skidmarx about the hugger. Other than that, I stole the topbox off of Ethel as I will soon be selling her on as I am in dire need of garage space. If you've not ridden a 1400GTR yet my advice is don't,.... unless you have enough money in the bank to buy one as you will be SERIOUSLY tempted. :-)

Otto came to me via this website. Malcolm in the West Midlands contacted me after buying this Blue 1989 GTR1000. He had a few problems I was happy to help with and it got him on the road. After a minor (thankfully) incident he decided that it was too big a bike for him and offered it to me. Sanji was getting a bit long in the tooth and I was in the market for another GTR so I could continue to ride while fixing Sanji. So, I bought him off Malcolm and rode him home. After a month or so and some few hundred pounds I had him how I wanted him.
After I bought Ethel I decided that Otto needed some New Clothes so after some extensive plastic welding (thanks Terry) and a lot of prep work he has a new, more manly, colour scheme.
Pics on the end are the new Matt Black and Fluorescent Orange scheme. The photos REALLY do not do the orange justice. It is eye-searingly bright! <LOL>
Otto has a Rifle base with a home made 21" screen, a black vinyl tank bra, a NonFango topbox with high level brake light LED's fitted, a Russell DayLong saddle, KB Bar risers and many other modifications. Otto will now be my winter hack to keep the salt damage on Vivian to a minimum.

Otto.jpg (83253 bytes)Otto & Marooned.jpg (81006 bytes)Otto in garage.jpg (52238 bytes)Otto in pieces.jpg (120087 bytes)

Hoolie is detailed more on the Projects page but she is destined to be my "Hoolie Tackle". I am StreetFightering her and she will look very different. Maybe not to everyone's liking but definitely to mine. She is a 1987 GTR that I acquired from Steve when he smashed her up and bought a ZZ-R1100. See the Projects page for details on how she's coming along.

hoolie original.jpg (77755 bytes)hoolie & 2 perverts.jpg (95585 bytes)

My Former GTR's

I bought Ethel from Stan in 2005 as I needed a reasonably reliable bike to commute to work on while I did some work on Otto.
She is a 1997 GTR1000 with the forks, wheels and motor from a 90 or thereabouts.
She has a Cee Baileys screen and a black vinyl tank bra. She has been professionally resprayed so no that it not a standard colour.
She has now been sold as I had need for space in the garage. I hope Mark enjoys her as much as I have.

"Sanji" May she Rest In Peace
Sanji was my first GTR and had suffered at my hands for 10 years. The frame had over 120K miles on it, the motor had some 50K miles and was Hoolie's motor before I swapped it. She was a 1986 model that I bought with 33k miles on the clock for 1900. Back then she was almost pretty but she has now died. She overheated in Eastern Europe and the motor seized. It was almost impossible to get her home and I believe that she has been scrapped. I hope that someone over there got some use out of her. She was much loved and is still missed but life moves on. Her heart (original motor) will live on in Hoolie as that has been rebuilt and awaits me getting my sh!t together and finishing Hoolie.
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