Who am I?

Well, my name is George, my nicknames are various but include "Boomer", "BFG", "Mr. G", "Fatty" and many more of a more or less insulting nature. In the world of the Kawasaki GTR1000/1400GTR/Concours/Concours14 and it's devotees I am more commonly referred to as "Boomer" but I answer to just about anything that's said in a friendly way.

I am, as you may have guessed, a total GTR1000/1400GTR nutcase/addict/junkie/weirdo/geek. I own several of them and see no reason why I should stop there. I love them for a wide variety of reasons but the dominant one is that they are big and can accommodate my 6'4" 350lb frame and still let me pretend I am a fast motorcycle rider. The GTR1000 is a fast, comfy, decent handling machine that is good at many things but has (like all good machines) it's little weirdness's and quirks. It also has a motor that just loves to scream it's head off and I take great delight in giving it some serious thrashing. About the only bike that could possibly wean me off the GTR1000 would be a GTR1200/1300 so,..
Kawasaki have introduced the 1400GTR,... and I have one,... and I love it! <BigGrin>

I am 44 years old, with a mental age of 16, and while I can get all serious about some things, I tend to treat the world and life as a big joke. I'm what I like to call a "Realist" but most Optimists refer to us as Pessimists. My attitude is that I always expect the worst from any situation. That way when the worst happens I was prepared for it,.... and when it doesn't it's a PLEASANT surprise. This tends to make me a mostly happy person. <VeryBigGrin>

What? You want to see a pic of me? Are you mad? Do you really think you can survive an experience like that? 
Well, all right then but on your own head be it. Click here if you must

So, now you know what I look like and know a bit about me. So take a look around the website and let me know what you think. If you want to know more about me, the bikes, the Gtr Club Europe/Concours clubs, or just fancy a chat then use the email link below and follow the instructions.