High Level Brake Lights

I decided to upgrade my rear visibility after a few incidents with people almost tail-ending me and decided on fitting some additional brake lights in my topboxes.
These are NonFango 852 boxes and have a wrap around red lens with enough space inside to fit some LED's so I bought a load of 1600mcd Red LED's some 150 Ohm resistors and some strip board. I wired the LED's up in two arrays of 8 columns of 5 LED's with a 150 Ohm buffer resistor for each column of 5 LED's and fitted them into the topbox. (The other box has two arrays of 9 columns of 5 LED's) Here is a pic showing the results as fitted on "Vivian" my new 1400GTR.

As you can see, even in daylight they make for a more attention grabbing display.
At night they are EXTREMELY effective and I'm told can be seen for quite some distance.

I've added some rear reflective stickers to the panniers from RealTime Industries

For the Europe legal Red reflectors you need to ask Ken for the "UK BAGMAN SET" named after BagManStu who was first to ask him for these.

Here are some pics taken at night. Left to right they are;
Taillight no Flash, Taillight with Flash, Brakelight with Flash, Brakelight no Flash


So, if somebody says they didn't see me,....WHAT ARE YOU BLIND???