GTR Day 2001

Ok, I never got around to writing this one up at the time and since premature senile dementia is taking it's toll I won't even try to do so now (2 years later). Here are the pics from the trip. The good pics are all the work of Steve Patriquen, the bad ones are mine. :-)

2 GTR's and a Connie.jpg (81073 bytes)bruges.jpg (140684 bytes)Bruges1.jpg (129416 bytes)Bruges2.jpg (106675 bytes)Cruiser.jpg (86596 bytes)Dover.jpg (101761 bytes)gtrday.jpg (118866 bytes)Holland, waiting for Mark jpg.jpg (138959 bytes)Hotel bar and checkin.jpg (93071 bytes)Hotel bike park.jpg (119434 bytes)Hotel's indoor oasis.jpg (74463 bytes)Like it says, KAWASAKI.jpg (78494 bytes)Mark laughing at Steve taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.jpg (119154 bytes)Mark, Valerie & GasGuzzler.jpg (86873 bytes)'Marooned' in Holland.jpg (103849 bytes)McDonald's carpark, Holland .jpg (109978 bytes)Me on Sanji.jpg (85605 bytes)Me taking a picture of Steve taking a picture of me.jpg (82670 bytes)Motorcycle Loft Hotel (GRD).jpg (122341 bytes)Recognise that motor.jpg (105900 bytes)Rest area.jpg (84844 bytes)Sanji again.jpg (89153 bytes)Sanji's reflective bits.jpg (51265 bytes)