The Death of a GTR1000

Here are some pics of Jesal's bike after the motor died at speed
on the M40 on his way back from the Motorcycle Show.
It is unlikely this motor will ever live again but parts of it will live on in my other GTR's.

It looks like the big end bearing seized. It's melted the con-rod and part of the big end of the con-rod has melted itself into the belly pan. Once I've got the motor out and apart I'll post some more pics of the damage inside.

BigHole1.jpg (130046 bytes)BigHole2.jpg (67493 bytes)HUGE_Hole1.jpg (130246 bytes)Cracks_in_crankcase.jpg (106222 bytes)FUBAR_conrod.jpg (97430 bytes)

Here are some more pics from inside the motor. The damage is pretty extensive.
The oil pump isn't damaged but I included a pic as most ZG1000 riders will probably never see it otherwise as it's hidden deep in the motor.

The motor is pretty much totalled.
I have salvaged what I can but the crankcase, crankshaft and many other bits have gone to that great ZG1000 graveyard in the sky.

Rest In Pieces